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Recently published: Cathy Berberian and Music’s Muses


This beautifully illustrated anthology heralds the 25th anniversary of the demise of Cathy Berberian. The celebrated mezzo-soprano, composer, polyhistor and artistic non-conformist died in March 1983 at the age of 57. Jennifer Paull paints her close friends portrait with perceptive detail and personal reminiscences analysing Berberians unique standpoint. Paull applies Berberian's comparativist perspective, exploring a miscellany of Musics fascinating facts and stimulating surprises.

The role of the woman, the lack of division between the Arts; dance, design, fashion, imagination, humour, languages, theatre and wit: these, her eclectic components, shaped the borderless artistic landscape of Cathy Berberian into an ingenious philosophy herein elucidated, illustrated and applied. Cathy Berberians due stature in the History of Music has yet to be fully recognised and sufficiently appreciated.


Armenian Diaspora, Armenian Artists, Cathy Berberian, Luciano Berio, Comparative Art/Culture, Comparative Literature, Contemporary Music, Gender Studies, Great Singers, History of Music, Music, New Vocality, Oboe d'Amore, Synaesthesia, Synesthesia

Jennifer Paull, Cathy Berberian and Music’s Muses. Amoris Imprint 2007.
You can order the book on this website.

Marie Christine Vila: Cathy Berberian

A recently published and much-acclaimed book is by Marie Christine Vila, Cathy Berberian, Cant’actrice, published by Editions Fayard in 2003. It is easiest to obtain via Amazon.

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