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Cathy Berberian: Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality

Edited by
Pamela Karantonis, Bath Spa University, UK
Francesca Placanica, National University of Ireland Maynooth
Anne Sivuoja-Kauppala, Sibelius Academy, Finland
Pieter Verstraete, Bilgi University Istanbul

Cathy Berberian (1925-1983) was a vocal performance artist, singer and composer who pioneered a way of composing with (and listening to) the voice in the musical worlds of Europe, North America and beyond. As a modernist muse for many avant-garde composers, she went on to embody the principles of postmodern thinking in her work. This volume celebrates her path through musical landscapes including her approach to performance practice, gender performativity, vocal pedagogy and the epistemological borders of art music, the concert stage, the popular LP and the opera industry of her times. The collection features primary documentation and a Foreword by Susan McClary.

Contents: Foreword: Cathy Berberian — modernism's Bette Midler, Susan McClary; Creed; Introduction/overture, Pamela Karantonis and Pieter Verstraete; Special reprint — the tenth oscillator: the work of Cathy Berberian 1958-1966 From Tempo Number 58, David Osmond-Smith; Special transcript — Cathy's solo talk show, transcription by Pamela Karantonis. Part I A Radical Tradition: Re-Writing (for) the Voice: 'The new vocality in contemporary music' (1966), Cathy Berberian (translation by Francesca Placanica); 'La nuova vocalita nell' opera contemporanea' (1966): Cathy Berberian’s legacy, Francesca Placanica; Cathy Berberian's Stripsody — an excess of vocal personas in score and performance, Pieter Verstraete; Cathy Berberian and the creation of a Stravinsky vocality, Rokus de Groot;Thema (Omaggio a Joyce): a listening experience as homage to Cathy Berberian, Hannah Bosma. Part II Vocal Performance as Meta-Commentary: Artistry and Cultural Politics: Cathy Berberian's notes on camp, Anne Sivuoja-Kauppala; Cathy Berberian and the performative art of voice, Pamela Karantonis; Beatles Arias: Cathy Berberian sings The Beatles, Kate Meehan. Part III Perspectives on New Vocality: Artists Reflect on the Influence of Cathy Berberian: What we owe to Cathy: reflections from Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara, Rinde Eckert, Susan Both, Theo Bleckmann and Pamela Z, Kristin Norderval; All with her voice: a conversation with Carol Plantamura, Juliana Snapper; My five years with Cathy Berberian, Candace Smith. Afterword: In memoriam (Cathy Berberian), Sylvano Bussotti translated by John Satriano; Allegory actually. Cathy Berberian ..., Sylvano Bussotti translated by Francesca Placanica and Pamela Karantonis; Allegoria nei fatti. Cathy Berbrian, ..., Sylvano Bussotti. Select bibliography; Index.

October 2014, 276 pages
Hardback, 978-1-4094-6983-4

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